Do you ever just go about your day and discover something random, and it just reminds you that God is actually looking out for you and bringing things your way to guide you, and bring you the things you need (just when you need it!)?

This week I discovered Dr. Anita Phillips a Pastor and Therapist, and she was talking about mental health and really laying down strong points on where our faith and mental health align and coincide, if interested you can watch the sermon here. But although this was impactful to me, what really spurned on today’s post was this podcast episode I watched from the Redefining Wealth podcast by Patrice Washington where Patrice and the episode guest were talking about dreams.

And would you believe it, when I had woken up that particular morning, I had felt prompted to write down my dream but you know me, I didn’t and just went about my day. Then here comes me, clocking in for work and going on to YT to find some light listening to accompany my daily tasks, and this video was in my recommendations. Now, I had been so out of touch with listening to Patrice’s podcast, but for some reason I clicked onto this particular episode and man! Why was the topic being discussed dreams please? Why would God speak to me and call out my disobedience in this way? *hides face*🙈

Needless to say that since that jarring episode, I’ve been trying to be more obedient and pay attention to my dreams, and write them down. I don’t know why God is bringing this up now but I do know that he speaks massively through dreams. Jacob slept and saw angels ascending and descending from Heaven (Genesis 28). Pilate’s wife dreamt and warned her husband to have no hand in Jesus’s death (Matthew 27:19). Abimelek dreamt and was warned of the consequences of his actions; in taking Sarah as his wife (Genesis 20:3). I’m learning again that dreams are very important and that God can choose to speak through our dreams so I need to be paying attention.

What do you guys believe about dreams? And what is God trying to bring to your attention (feel free to share below ☺️)?

Ope O

Photo by Ithalu Dominguez on Pexels.com

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