Recapping Testimonies: 2018

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Hi all,

Just a quick one today, exams are still in full swing, but I didn’t want to leave this week without a post. I just wanted to take a quick second to reflect on my God’s goodness to me in 2018 and the amazing things He did in my life in the last few weeks/days of the year. I haven’t really had a chance to share the testimony in the way I wanted (there’s only so much time in a church service, lol!), and I think I would give it them all better justice by writing them all down anyways.

I was just so pleasantly surprised by how faithful God was to me. He healed all my health concerns literally before the end of the year. He didn’t allow me to enter the new year with the same issues I’ve at for years even (in some cases). Not only that He enabled me to start this blog in 2018 and he’s still giving me the energy and making the time for me to post and to keep posting. He’s adding an addition to my family in this year, even exponentially.

I just want to thank God, He has been amazing and every so often he reminds me that out of all the uncertainties in life. He’s the only certainty and the only thing that will never change. Looking at the future can be so daunting because we never know what we might face or even what can happen. But knowing that I have a God who is consistent and who is with gives me so much confident and means that I can go forward in life comforted and without worry and stress knowing that although I cannot control my life, I have a God who is always in control!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. As always, feel free to comment your testimony of 2018/2019 so share, and share!

God bless,

Ope 🙂

What did God do for you in 2018? Leave your comments below, and as always, keep the light shining!

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