Knowledge is POWER

Lately I’ve come to think about and acknowledge the importance of knowledge and how knowledge is really the key to obtaining not only the life that you want but also the future that you want. We have perhaps heard it said that knowledge is power and that’s true. The difference between an experienced professional and... Continue Reading →

I don’t have enough…

Matthew 25:14-30... I’m sure we’ve all either read this passage or heard about it in one form or another; commonly referred to as the Parable of the Talents, there are many things that we can glean and take away from it. Personally, I’ve come across this passage many times and have heard messages preached on it however,... Continue Reading →

Pearls before Swine

Hi guys, This is a topic that is ruminating in my heart that I think I will really need time to think on and out together. This topic comes from Matthew 7:6 and I think that there’re just so many things that we can glean from this passage and apply to our lives, whether in... Continue Reading →

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