If You’re in Need of Encouragement

Hi guys, I’ve been struggling with what to post about, and really a lack of motivation so, please bear with me if posts are scarce right now. I’m having to really tap into my commitment tank to keep posting and sharing. I suppose the issue is that from what I’ve been learning, I’m not sure... Continue Reading →

Fear of Man

The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe. Proverbs 29:25 (NKJV) Wow! Today's post is the equivalent of praying that God will speak to you then taking your Bible and opening to a random page, hoping that something will jump out at you. However, in this case,... Continue Reading →

Titus 3 & Doing Good

Today’s blog is going to be a little bit different in that I will be writing about something that really hit home for me and was a revelation to me in a way (if I may be permitted to call it that) after randomly stumbling across Titus. The book of Titus is a weird one-... Continue Reading →

My brother’s keeper

The words of Cain when confronted by God about his brother’s disappearance (… 'am I my brother’s keeper') have always disturbed me. And even nowadays, when I hear these same words being spoken, it stirs up the same reaction within me. It’s also strange that the words we speak today aren’t so different from those... Continue Reading →

The Lies we Tell

Lately there have been a few things bothering me and it seems like everyday there’s something I read, hear about or see that convinces me that this world is crazy and that many things are not normal or as they seem.  With the occurrence of news about secret cults, secret societies, modern day slavery it’s... Continue Reading →

Lessons from Luke

Hi all, I'm trying to recover from lack of motivation however in the mean time I came across this passage a few days ago and I got a lot from it but... before I share, please have a read yourself. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I'll come back with my findings... Continue Reading →

Lessons In Self Love

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com I never expected to be writing a blog post about this, but a thought came to my mind over the past two days about just how important it is to love yourself, not superficially or even on a surface level, but in depth, sincerely and without the need for others’... Continue Reading →

The pain of growth

What is growth? What is required for us to grow? Can we do the same things over and over again and keep growing and improving? One of the things that I believe that God has been revealing to me and teaching me is that out of pain comes growth. What does that mean exactly? It... Continue Reading →

Law or Spirit?

Galatians 5: 16-18 16 I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.17 For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh;and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish.18 But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not... Continue Reading →

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