Count the Cost- Lesson Learnt

I wonder how many of us have started something without really understanding what it would cost us to see it to completion? Lately, this idea of counting the cost has been bubbling up within me. Jesus said in Luke 14:28–30: For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and... Continue Reading →

So… what’s your experience?

So… lately I’ve really been thinking about my experience of God. Well it hasn’t just been ‘lately’, it has been for a few years now. Now, I grew up in a Christian environment and have been attending church for as long as I can remember but whenever I would hear people’s testimonies about God I... Continue Reading →

The pain of growth

What is growth? What is required for us to grow? Can we do the same things over and over again and keep growing and improving? One of the things that I believe that God has been revealing to me and teaching me is that out of pain comes growth. What does that mean exactly? It... Continue Reading →

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