Do Good…

t's been a while since I’ve posted sorry...! Work and deadlines have been a bit crazy. Anyhoo, I jumped on here last week to post a verse image (below) and whilst I didn’t talk much about it I had it in the back of my mind to elaborate on it.  1 Peter 3:13 reads, ‘And who... Continue Reading →

Consistent Through the Trial

Through the cold foggy hours of the morning you wake up, rub sleep from your eyes; dream of the future and cry out to your God- for help, for deliverance, for your heart’s desire. How long have you wished for this, longed, yearned for this? How many people have you envied for having what you... Continue Reading →

Passion for Purpose

Lately I’ve been listening to a few sermons, and they’ve been making me think; primarily about purpose but most importantly, about passion. I’ve been questioning myself and wondering why as a person there are very few things that I‘m passionate about, and why very few things move me; and if I’m honest with you, it scares... Continue Reading →


Hi all,  Just a short one today. There might be a longer post about it sometime in the future but for now we’ll leave it here.  So, I’ve just recently started a new job and it’s got me thinking about what I need to do to succeed. And I’ve really just started to realise the... Continue Reading →

Knowledge is POWER

Lately I’ve come to think about and acknowledge the importance of knowledge and how knowledge is really the key to obtaining not only the life that you want but also the future that you want. We have perhaps heard it said that knowledge is power and that’s true. The difference between an experienced professional and... Continue Reading →

The God of Wonders

Recently I heard someone say that September is the month of labour and birth and that really struck me. To be honest, I feel like I’ve been in a rut lately with this blog; with what to write about and with what to post and I don’t see this changing soon primarily because I’m entering... Continue Reading →


There is nothing that God cannot see, and nothing that he doesn’t know. His eyes are all around the world; looking, searching for those that are His. His ears are not deaf to our cries. His heart is not so cold that he hates to bless his people. God wishes that we would prosper, he... Continue Reading →

Song from my heart

Can I take this time to just brag about God? Can I just brag about our amazing, great, miracle working God?! God is just amazing, through this week alone I have come to see and know that God is a miracle working God. He has given me the desires of my heart and brought His... Continue Reading →

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