What is my gift? 🎁

Hi guys, how are we all doing? I hope we’re all well and healthy?! As you may have remembered from last week, I mentioned that I will be branching out to discuss using our gifts. Personally, I have felt for so long that I was meant to be ‘more’; to be something more, something greater.... Continue Reading →

What is ShineALight?

It's been a long ride! Never in my life did I believe that I could keep a blog for as long as I've kept ShineALight. This month commemorates our 1.5 year anniversary (whoop whoop!). It's been a long time coming, and consistency has been a ride but, I give God all the glory for how... Continue Reading →

Checking In…

Hi everyone, how have we all been?How have we been coping? I just want to drop in to encourage us all with the words that have always helped me to get through though times ... 'this too shall pass'. The reminder that the trials and tribulations that I am currently going through will soon be... Continue Reading →

– A Message for Today –

Hey guys! How are we all keeping in this crazy situation?! Well I hope we're all keeping well, and doing what we can to make the most out of the situation; whether that be resting or taking the time to catch up on those projects that we've been meaning to do and just haven't managed... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection

Surprisingly, I did not intend this blog to coincide with Easter but it occurred to me that there were strong themes between what I wanted to talk about and Easter but regardless, I hope that you’re blessed and encouraged by today’s blog, and that a new level of revelation is released unto you. But you... Continue Reading →

FactFile – Who is God?

So, I'm bringing you something from my quiet time a few years ago. I was flipping through my notes and came across this gem. It's simple but a great reminder for us in these trying times of who God is and what He can do. Let's meditate on the truth and not our fears <3... Continue Reading →

The journey of Daniel Ajuka

Hey everyone, Today's blog will be a bit different... I started this year with an idea to bring the spotlight on some people who were doing some amazing things on bringing the light of God to their unconventional areas of career, to really get an understanding of how their faith has been shaped in the... Continue Reading →

Alone in the Room

In our daily lives, approximately 5% of us will report feeling lonely often or always, and within this, those of us aged between 16-24 will report this more significantly than those in older age brackets. Now, while this may not seem that significant, it's still something that I'm sure we can all relate with. It's... Continue Reading →

The Secret Place

Life goes on and on in an endless circle. You wake up, barely have time to utter a word of thanks to God. You rush out the door, send 8,9,10 hours at work. Rush home, have dinner, barely have time to utter a word to God before you snooze off. Does this sound familiar to... Continue Reading →

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