When Evil Comes

Looking back I would have never classed myself as someone who would agree and state that they struggle with negative thoughts but surprisingly, lately it's come to my attention that there have been things that I've failed to notice/deal with; especially toxic things that have been a part of me for so long that I'd... Continue Reading →


In a world where we're constantly bombarded with different images and videos of people living lavish lifestyles; we're often pushed into a life and frame of mind where we're urged to #hustle and strive for all these worldly things and items (often as a show of status). As an individual, I see these things, and... Continue Reading →

My Two Cents…

It’s a bright summer’s day. The Pastor has just passionately preached a message on the Kingdom of God and Kate had been unable to move under the massive weight his words had had on her. She had been forced to look inwardly and determine whether or not she was in the Kingdom. The service had... Continue Reading →


Hi all,  Just a short one today. There might be a longer post about it sometime in the future but for now we’ll leave it here.  So, I’ve just recently started a new job and it’s got me thinking about what I need to do to succeed. And I’ve really just started to realise the... Continue Reading →


There is nothing that God cannot see, and nothing that he doesn’t know. His eyes are all around the world; looking, searching for those that are His. His ears are not deaf to our cries. His heart is not so cold that he hates to bless his people. God wishes that we would prosper, he... Continue Reading →

Reflections… take 2

Following the end of my degree I've had some time to think and reflect...one of the things that have been going through my mind is the need for me to be intentional and proactive. Thinking through my years at University I found that there were some things that I thought I could have done differently and better,... Continue Reading →

Insight ~ Reflection…one

Everybody wants to be known but nobody wants to know me… Everybody wants to be known but nobody wants to know me… Everybody wants to be heard but nobody’s willing to hear me… Everyone in the world has a voice but oftentimes we find ourselves deaf to these voices... everyone has a story and if... Continue Reading →

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