Exercise the Faith

In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.
James 2:17 (NIV)

During the week, I asked God to help me with something. I’d been having issues with some pain and difficulties with certain actions so I thought to ask the Holy Spirit to help me. Now, usually, I generally ask the Holy Spirit to remind me of things and to act like my alarm (which he’s always done, and has never failed to do) but… this time I wanted to exercise my faith beyond the usual for me. So, I asked him for help with this issue.

In my mind I was going to ask him for help and leave the rest to him but the moment I made my request, he dropped it in my heart that I needed to put some action behind it. In fact, he gave me a picture of the exact action that I needed to do and put in place.

I was initially going to ignore this but I realised that it’s true. We can’t just wish and hope. Once we give our requests, we must put it into action so… I got up and did what he’d put in my heart for me to do. Now, it took me trying more than once and patiently waiting BUT, it happened. And that ministered to me so much in that how often do we pray, have I prayed and said that I had faith but really, I was just waiting for God to do something without putting in effort on my side? My effort here was getting up and doing as instructed, your effort might be something else but in our journey of seeking God, let’s not only ask, but put in the action required. He might tell you what to do or you might be inspired to do.

If we’re believing God to be relieved from constipation (I know, not the most clean analogy). We might leave it as praying but why not move it to the next step and take action – make your way to the toilet and exercise that faith!

Ope O

P.S: I hope you’ve checked out The ShineALight Podcast? 😉

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