Pay Attention

Only simpletons believe everything they’re told!
The prudent carefully consider their steps.
Proverbs 14:15 (NLT)

How often have you heard, just do what I say?! Or just believe me?

I came across this Bible verse earlier on in the week and it literally blew my mind. So, you’re telling me that God encourages us to not just go by what we ‘feel’ or what we ‘perceive’ but, He’s telling us to dig out our resources and do some good old research?! Wow!! God is telling us that we shouldn’t just believe everything we’re told but that we should carefully examine and consider everything.

I think a lot of times, we have misconceptions about Christianity in that while faith is important; it’s not blind faith. It’s not faith for the sake of it. It’s faith anchored in God, who is the truth and whom the heavens and the earth testify about. Our daily reality and world knows and points to him continuously. Not only that, when I actually look back at the book of Acts, I see that never once did the disciples encourage people to believe for the sake of believing. Paul broke down the scriptures. He explained, with evidence, who Christ is and why what He did was important.

Furthermore, in the case of the Gentiles, he used their reality and their beliefs to preach God to them through what they knew as ‘an unknown God’ (Acts 17:23). I say this to say, beware whenever someone wants you to go against your conscience and ability to think for yourself. The Bible encourages us to think for ourselves and not just to believe blindly; and the Apostles actively practiced this, showing the evidence and the facts and leading people to make their own judgments based on the facts laid out and discussions had.

We have faith in Christ, yes. But we also believe in Christ from our intellect. The world around us points to him and as we carefully examine the basis of our faiths, we will find that there is more evidence to support what we believe.

What have you learnt from this verse or what new things have you learnt from God this week? Share below!

Ope O

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