Amazing Grace – Love is Divine

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la la, la la la la!!! It’s early days but are we free to say that Christmas is upon us??!!!

Christmas has been one of my favourite holidays for as far back as I can remember (primarily because I love Christmas songs and the festive spirit) in fact, I’m one of those people who start singing Christmas songs in June (haha!). Now I’ve got to admit that I’m slightly better now compared to the 10-year-old me but it’s still great to have time dedicated to celebrating someone who did so much, and absolutely changed the world (for the better!).

The title of this post is love is divine and this Christmas season is a season of love. The Bible lets us know that that the epitome of love is that one gives their lives for their friends:

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.
John 15:13 (NIV)

But Jesus went above and beyond this in that whilst we were yet sinners, He died for us all (Romans 5:8). For those alive during his time, for those yet to be born, for those living in 2020; for all sinners – even the Pharisees and those who added insult to injury (jeered at and insulted him) as he went up to Calvary. He bore the shame, the disgrace, the unfairness of it all to receive judgment for a sin he did not commit, for an ungrateful people and he did it all for love. Can you imagine, a whole God, brought himself down to the size of his creation to die for them; for something he made out of dust. I for one cannot imagine Bill Gates willingly dying for a Microsoft computer (or anyone dying for a creation they can simply make again if anything goes awry) but here we have God dying for something that He made out of His hands. He could have simply killed us all and started again if He wanted to but rather than go through that option, he chose to die for us instead. One man for the sins of all.

I wonder if Mary knew the full implication of the child she had brought to earth. She was informed that she would birth the Saviour of the world, Emmanuel – God with us, but I wonder if she knew the full extent of how he would save the world. Did she know that this little child, this boy in her arms has been born to die; to die not a plain death but a painful death, a death saved for the worst of sinners? If she was aware, did she count the honour of birthing the Saviour worthy of the sure death that she knew He would have. If she knew how painfully her child would have died in the end, would she still have agreed to birth the Messiah and go through the pain? These are some of the thoughts I have but nevertheless, I thank God for choosing to sacrifice Himself so that I wouldn’t have to die. For choosing to go through the pain in my stead so that I can have a redeemed life. When I think about it, I’m reminded of how unworthy I am, and that sense of unworthiness can sometimes make me think to distance myself but then I’m reminded that distancing myself won’t make the reality any different. The deed has been done, redemption is now available, me not taking this gift won’t make it any less available. Rather, it would be best to honour the sacrifice and to accept redemption and the gift of salvation, and live a life that honours God.

It’s a gift for a reason – none of us can purchase it and like how we readily accept gifts from our loved ones we should accept this gift also. The gift of salvation is a gift of love; divine love. And like any gift, it is free to receive… so do! Receive this gift of salvation today and come to know He who loved you so much that He willingly gave all for you.

Have you struggled to accept God’s sacrifice for you? How did you overcome it? Feel free to share below <3.


P.S: If you’d like to discuss anything mentioned in this post, please use the ‘Contact Us’ website page to reach me (I always make time to read my emails!). 🙂

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