A ‘lil Catch-Up

Hi guys! How’s everyone been?!

Sincere apologies for my absence. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. It’d be a lie if I said life happened… well, to be honest, I have had some things I’ve had to deal with on a personal level. But if I’m to be truthful, the main reason I’ve been absent is that I just didn’t know what to share or talk about. And consequently, I lost interest for a while and found it difficult to bring myself back on the writing bandwagon. But thank God! We succeeded today so flingers crossed we can keep this momentum going.

Adding to my confusion about what to write about has been a serious of things I’ve had to clarify and deal with personally. My aim is to make this blog as relevant and encouraging for as many people as find it. It’s hard not to be overly evaluative of yourself, and down on yourself. But whilst it’s good to be productive, I personally believe that it’s better to be productive and useful; and I’ve been evaluating how useful this blog is, and if there’s an impact on those who read it. Not necessarily numbers but that at least one person found it useful.

I write about things I’ve gone through, discovered in the Word or am pondering on as a means of providing comfort to others – that we go through the shame issues and we’re all not that much different from each other. Personally, I’ve gone through a period of 4 months or so where I’ve been dealing with intense fear. Not anxiety but fear. To be honest, I can’t say that I’m 100% recovered but I thank God that I’m not where I was a few months ago. And whilst this is something that I’d like to help others navigate through, I can’t say that I’m in a place to walk someone else through a path I’m currently still undertaking.

What I have learnt though through this period is that we can never really know what people are going through. My situation made me think about how many people around me are going through things that when I look at them, they look ‘normal’ but deep down they’re going through issues that I cannot even being to understand/contemplate. It’s quite humbling but I thank God that He’s the one who truly knows our hearts and fully understands us. I thank Him for reminding me about being grateful during this time (even when I didn’t think I had much to be grateful for). I learnt that gratitude is a weapon, and it ushers in joy; and where joy is there’s strength.

There’s so much to talk about but I’ll leave it for another blog post. But in the meantime, how have we all been? I pray that we’re well and safe in the arms of God.

Ope O

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