In a world where we’re constantly bombarded with different images and videos of people living lavish lifestyles; we’re often pushed into a life and frame of mind where we’re urged to #hustle and strive for all these worldly things and items (often as a show of status). As an individual, I see these things, and whilst I’m not the type to want something because others have it; it does get you thinking about life and how your life would be if you also had these things.

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a sin to show what you have but I just wanted us to examine ourselves. I did a devotional today which was focused on the topic of contentment. In 1st Timothy 6:6, the Bible says

Now godliness with contentment is great gain.

I read this devotional and I just kept pondering on this verse in particular, what does it mean to be content? Really…. what does it mean to be content? I mean I know the dictionary definition of contentment, which is ‘a state of happiness and satisfaction‘. However, as Christians, how can we be content?

I thought of it in regards to myself, does being content mean that I stay happy with where I am, and don’t strive to be better? Does being content mean that I don’t strive or work to earn more or to live a financially free life? Does being content mean that I just take what life has handed over to me, and thank God that it’s not worse? When Paul in this chapter talked about contentment, what exactly did he want us to get from it? What message did he try to pass along to us, and how can we (as Christians) grasp, and apply this message in the 21st century, especially in the age of social media and being constantly bombarded with advertising telling us that our best life is only a click/buy away?

Now, I can’t claim that I have the answers as I’m still working this one out myself but Andrew M. Davis, writer of the YouVersion devotional, ‘The Power of Christian Contentment’ defined (godly/Christian) contentment as follows: Finding delight in God’s wise plan for my life and humbly allowing him to direct me in it.

This for me means that in our works and day-to-day life we may have plans for what we want to achieve and become, but to exercise contentment, we must be willing for God to come and break up our plans for his will; and when that happens that we submit and humbly let go of our desires for His, and for His direction.

This is still a topic that I’m ruminating on but I would live to hear your thoughts? How do you view godly contentment? And how can we remain content in such a world as we’re living in?

Ope O

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