A Day in the life of a Flower…

Lately, I’ve had it come to mind that the path of true purpose never did run smoothly. But then what do you do when you have so much that you want to do, but you honestly just don’t know where to start?

Life is funny in that intentions are not necessarily reality. In that, just because you meant to do something doesn’t mean you actually will. Just because you mean to do something with your life doesn’t mean that you actually will…

So, where does that leave us? That leaves us with our relationship with God. A day or so ago, I went through something that thoroughly disappointed me, and caused me to change my mindset; and I realised that like a flower which quickly springs up, and the next day is no more, that life is the same. We wake up, we go to bed and the next day we’re no more. But, if we can hold on to God. If we can have faith that what we expect, that what we anticipate, he can do; then we can yet change our lives.

The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.
Proverbs 10:22

Only God can give true wealth and true blessings that will protect our souls. Too often we spend our time/lives chasing after things, compromising our values and losing our souls. I heard it said that true wealth, godly wealth is seen when a person rises and their soul is intake. Where a person can be a millionaire, and can still humble themselves to pray, fast and seek God’s face.

I realised that I was just chasing wealth but you cannot serve God and money. Only God can give the blessings that will add to you and not take away from you. So many have lived chasing the things we chase today but at the end of the day, which of these things will we be able to take with us when we go?…

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