Consistent Through the Trial

Through the cold foggy hours of the morning you wake up, rub sleep from your eyes; dream of the future and cry out to your God- for help, for deliverance, for your heart’s desire. How long have you wished for this, longed, yearned for this? How many people have you envied for having what you wished you had and can’t seem to have? You bear through the weight of the world, the intensity of the trials bearing on your shoulders a heavy burden; unyielding and unforgiving. 

You’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to hope, to believe that this can be yours. To have faith that if others can achieve it, you can too… 

There are many things that we pray for when we’re going through, when our trials seem to weight us down and cast a dark shadow over our prospects for our future. But have we counted the costs? The Bible lets us know that sorrow lasts for a night but joy comes in the morning. The morning will surely come, and with it will come the responsibility for our desires. You prayed for the job; for the child and in the morning the price will have to be paid. Money will have to be spent to take care of the child, and your journey of early morning commutes to work will only be starting. 

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that every season has its beauty, and trials are beautiful in that they remind us that we can do nothing by ourselves. They remind us to draw closer to the only God who can help us. There will come a time where we will have to take responsibility for what we pray for, but even in the midst of it let’s remain grateful. When that child you prayed for is sick on you, will you still be grateful? When that job you cried out for demands you to work overtime, will you still be grateful for it? 

A few food for thought from my weekly stream of thoughts… 

Ope x 

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