Day 1 as a Seoulite

I’m back (finally)- I’m rested and finally ready to get started on this travel blog! Life is going much better lately, adding more fuel to my energy (😂). So… Gyeongbukgung Palace (경복궁). Gyeongbukgung palace is situated on beautiful grounds, surrounded by picturesque mountains. The palace also houses the National Palace Museum of Korea. Walking around Gyeongbukgung you’ll notice many people dressed in hanbok walking around the grounds. What I didn’t know before I went is that you have free admission to the palace if you come wearing hanbok (Korean traditional dress), a fact that I was upset at as it would have saved me about 3000 won (about $3) for the day. 

If you’re planning to travel to Korea and visit Gyeongbukgung Palace, I will recommend that you visit at a time where you’re able to see the changing of the palace guards ceremony. I stumbled upon this accidentally but it was so worth it. 

(There’s meant to be a video inserted here but due to technical difficulties I’ve had to abandon it. Regardless, here’s an alternative link:

It was great to be in such an atmosphere and afterwards many tourists gathered round and took pictures with the soldier which was nice to see. If I had one piece of advice to give though it would be to wear the right shoes! Please wear shoes that were made for walking regrettably I thought that I did but my shoes couldn’t stand up to the test. The palace grounds are massive and so it would do you well to wear the right shoes. 

Another cool thing about the palace is that they offer free tours and these comes in a variety of languages. I found the tour enjoyable and informative. I’m sure that I Would not have gotten the understanding of Gyeongbukgung Palace that I got if I hadn’t been on the tour. If you want more info, feel free to check out the Visit Korea website at:

Actually, for me, it was through this tour that I met my first friend while I was on holiday. It’s hard when you travel alone but I would suggest that you leave yourself open to meeting new people and making new acquaintances. I remember speaking to God and being like I didn’t want to spend my whole time alone. The answer for me came through a sermon which basically reminded me that it was one thing to pray, and another to put your faith into action and this was what I did. It was one thing to ask God for connections and another to act on making connections when he enabled me to be in a group with new people (on the tour). So, I took advantage of the opportunity, and I made a new friend who I’m still in contact with today, and even better, we were both from the UK! And that was how I spent my first day in Seoul, isn’t God amazing?! 

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