Seoul Diaries

Hey all, 

I thought that I would do something a little bit different in this blog and share my experience of travelling in Seoul, South Korea as a black Christian female. Now, this is a bit impromptu and not what I would usually talk about on this blog but I’m trying to expand out of my usual rhetoric and try something different so, please let me know what you think. Today’s blog is a little bit of a walk down memory lane as well as a memoir of my South Korean experience. 

I travelled to South Korea on the 16th April of which I landed the next day. My story of even being able to go to South Korea is a testimony in itself however, it’ll be one to be shared at another time. 

South Korea in general was a great place to be, God showed up in such a way that on every day that I was there, I always met someone knew that I could spend time with, I had gone on a solo trip so I was all alone but God came through in that although I was alone, every day I met someone knew who I was able to have a meal with and explore with which was something that I hadn’t expected. Through this time God also taught me the importance of being willing to put yourself out there and create new opportunities and meet new people. In that, there are people around us every day. If we take the time to speak to them, we could find ourselves meeting new friends and perhaps, new long-term friends. 

More on my South Korea trip to come… 

Ope O 

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