Whispers of the enemy

You’ll never be good enough.

You’ll never be as accomplished as everyone else.

You’re a disgrace and a shame.

You will never be able to succeed.

You can’t reach your goals, you started too late.

This is an earlier thought that came to me a few months ago and I thought I just had to write about it. For a while now, I had thought that I was somehow exempt from the attacks of the enemy (naïve, I know); but at times, when people would be recounting what they’ve been through, I would be unable to relate and as such I thought well, the enemy’s not troubling me, so I have nothing to worry about. However, as these thoughts kept piling up in my mind, God began to speak to me and reveal that these attacks that I had thought I was ‘immune’ were really attacks that I had accepted and been blinded to. He revealed to me that I had gotten used to the whispers of the enemy; that I had accepted the lies of the enemy as the truth. Ironically, I had gotten so used to the voice of the enemy that I could no longer decipher it as a lie but thank God for the Holy Spirit!

For some of us, the attacks of the enemy against us may not come as extravagant physical schemes, but they may be mental battles: loneliness, isolation and perhaps even invasive thoughts. For some of us, we may have had these issues for so long that we can no longer decipher them as something that we ought to fight against. But let’s thank God for the Holy Spirit who reveals these things to us. If you’re like me, who thought you were battle free; ask God to reveal the truth to you, knowing that what God reveals He’s willing to deal with. And when He does show you the truth, fight the lies of the enemy with the word of God. Tell yourself the truth; that you’re not condemned but rather forgiven. You’re not a failure but rather you’re more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who is your strength, your shield and your defender. Confess the truth and let God fight for you!

 The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.
Exodus 14:14 (NKJV)


Ope O

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