So… what’s your experience?

So… lately I’ve really been thinking about my experience of God. Well it hasn’t just been ‘lately’, it has been for a few years now. Now, I grew up in a Christian environment and have been attending church for as long as I can remember but whenever I would hear people’s testimonies about God I would be like, ‘wow… why haven’t I experienced something like that?’; and it would make me question myself and my relationship with God as to why I haven’t had the same experience as these people to the point where I even questioned if I have a relationship at all.

A few days ago, I had the privilege to attend my church’s Variety Weekend which was a week of programmes to celebrate the church’s anniversary, and thankfully, through that programme and a program called Youth Alive, I believe that God really started to speak to me and one of the things that came up was this issue of an ‘experience’. And as I dwelt on it it just came to me that I have experienced God and have had experiences of God but somehow just because it wasn’t as dramatic as me hearing an audible voice calling out my name in the dark seclusion of my room, I’d somehow managed to tell myself that it wasn’t an experience.

I had forgotten the moments where God had revealed Himself to me through His word, where he had shared revelations with me that literally had me exclaim out loud at how much sense my Bible was making and how I was finally able to understand it. I had forgotten about the moment where God had revealed himself to me as a Father and shown me that to be loved by Him is greater than being loved by any other being, human or thing. I had forgotten about the moment where God led me to start this blog and the reason why He called me. And…, I wonder if that’s the case for many of us. We’re quick to forget and condemn ourselves, even lie to ourselves but I just thank God for his grace and His memory. Ultimately, we all have an experience of God even if it’s our conversion story and that should be enough for us in the dark times even in the times when we question our salvation. God is faithful and if at any moment we forget, I just thank God that He’s able to remind us.

Don’t lose your testimony guys- it’s your experience of God.


Ope 😊

Keep the light shining.

Also, what are your experiences? Share below! 🙂

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