Lessons From Luke ~ 2

So… earlier on this week asking for contributions on Luke 12:15-21. Thanks to everyone that shared! My findings are below!

Luke 12:15-21

In the short form of this, this passage really taught me about how short life is and how quickly it passes away. It dawned on me that we ought to seek the things that matter. The passage highlights how short life is and clearly mentions that ‘(one’s) life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses’. What does that say to us in light of the world that we live in now? 

Why do we strive so much for the earthly things, for things that will ultimately fade away? God is showing us that that is not all that life is about. Of course, it’s nice to be comfortable and have the things we need but we need to remember that whilst we’re chasing that, that life is not guaranteed. In all our chasing, we need to make sure that we chase God also. Life is not guaranteed and like the rich man, it can be taken from us at any moment. Therefore, we have to make sure that we have a relationship with God, a real relationship with God above everything else. Because when life fades away, that will be all that’s left, and all that will ultimately matter in the end. 

Don’t spend all your life chasing earthly goods, the world and end up forgetting God. It’s not worth it. 

Remember your Creator
    in the days of your youth,
before the days of trouble come
    and the years approach when you will say,
    “I find no pleasure in them”—
Ecclesiastes 12:1 (NIV)

Stay blessed, 


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