Insight ~ Reflection…one

Everybody wants to be known but nobody wants to know me…

Everybody wants to be known but nobody wants to know me…

Everybody wants to be heard but nobody’s willing to hear me…

Everyone in the world has a voice but oftentimes we find ourselves deaf to these voices… everyone has a story and if we can take some time to forget ourselves, our pain; our desires, we find that these stories start to unravel and become clearer to us. In the end, we end we end up understanding those around us better.

It’s easy to overlook others and to assume that everyone is okay but perhaps there are people amongst us looking for someone, anyone to go deeper with them and seek to know more about them. Transparency is never easy but it’s rewards are beneficial. The desire to be known is the desire to have someone, anyone that you can be open with. Not open with some parts off limits but truly open. For someone to know you in the way that only a few people (if any) know you and to be accepted for who you are. It’s weird how people so desire to be transparent but there are very few places that allow us to be. I can only be transparent up to a certain point at my job after all my boss needs me to conform to the culture of the firm even if it goes against who I am…

I’m not really sure where this post is going (lol!) but it’s just some short reflection. Everyone wants to be known and be recognised but perhaps the key is in willing to discover others and to give them the platform to share who they are…


There’s just something about this song… the heart’s desire.

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