Dare to… Dig and Find Water

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back!

Thank God for the end of exams! Not going to lie, it was hard to get back into the flow for writing new posts talk about even postings. But I made a commitment to post regularly and to keep going so… here I am!

Exam period can be a trying and testing time for a lot of people. I know that I for one had to really keep reminding myself to trust in God and to keep going; to keep trusting Him and to know that He’s got my future in His hands, regardless and independent of any exam result. I believe that the key to achieving this is to have faith in God, to have faith in His word and in the fact He will never change or fail- to keep digging and to find water.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A classic example can be found in the case of Isaac. God blessed him so much that people around him got jealous to the point where they filled up all of his wells with dirt (Genesis 26:15). Can you imagine how much you’d have to hate someone to go through the trouble of filling a whole well with dirt- a chore that one bucket will not fulfil. I mean it must have taken them hours, maybe even days. It’s actually amazing. But it’s important to note that no matter what these Philistines did, no matter where Isaac dug, he dug and found water. Even when he was stolen from and faced hostility he was still successful in all that he did. No matter where he dug he found water.

That’s why this is my philosophy and it was the saying that took me through my exam season, ‘I shall dig and find water’ and not only water but I shall dig and find oil. This was a reminder to myself that no matter how tough things got, no matter how difficult things are for other people, where others are struggling I shall succeed. Where there’s a drought, I shall dig and find water. Not only will I find water, but I shall go and beyond and find precious oils.

I kept reminding myself that I am limitless. With God on my side nothing and nobody can stop me. It’s deeply important that we speak the right words to ourselves. We simply cannot rely solely on our friends, families and those around us to affirm us. We need to affirm ourselves and speak positively and prophetically over our lives, after all, the Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, and that out of our heart flows the abundance of life (Proverbs 4:23). If you want life or any good thing, believe you have it and speak it over yourself.

I will dig and find water. I shall dig and find oil.



Keep the light shining.

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